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  • Saturday, 03 December 2022


AFRICUNIA BANK, a decentralized, distributed, adaptive, open socio-technical financial ecosystem with properties of self-organization, scalability and sustainability, has signed a symbiotic partnership agreement with ISHIBA DEVELOPMENT AND EMPOWERMENT CENTRE NGO, a non-governmental organization that develops life in agriculture, skills, grant, health care, education and put smiles into lives of people in Nigeria.


AFRICUNIA TV gathered that the essence of the agreement, which was signed on August 4, 2022 at the Nigeria’s headquarters of AFRICUNIA BANK in Yaba, Lagos, is to work together on AFRICUNIA BANK/SPARCO BANK Agric Grant Project which supports local farmers in Nigeria, training, seminars, education and micro/macro business empowerment.


According to the agreement, AFRICUNIA BANK will economically empower ISHIBA DEVELOPMENT AND EMPOWERMENT CENTRE NGO through sustainable grants and aiding its business proposals financially, take on various humanitarian projects and relief-oriented roles in Nigeria through the NGO, support local economic projects


The bank works with various partners in numerous countries to promote sustainable development with special focus on financial empowerment, farming, healthcare, advancement of children, youth and women, good governance and the rule of law.


The Abuja-headquartered ISHIBA DEVELOPMENT AND EMPOWERMENT CENTRE NGO, on the other hand, will promote and publicize the grant, as well as promote AFRICUNIA BANK and its sister subsidiaries across Nigeria through conventional media, social media, referrals and mouth-to-mouth dissemination mechanisms, organize seminars and trainings across Nigeria and beyond, monitor and supervise grant recipients to ensure their businesses run smoothly and ensure that majority of agricultural produce resulting from grant is repurchased and made available to AFRICUNIA BANK as sole and exclusive buyer.


Speaking with newsmen after the agreement signing, the Executive Secretary of AFRICUNIA BANK, Mrs Madeleine Winkler, reiterated the bank’s resolve to support massive development of agriculture in Nigeria and Africa at large through training and empowerment of farmers under AFRICUNIA BANK/SPARCO BANK Agric Grant Project.


In their speeches, the excited Chief Executive Officer of ISHIBA DEVELOPMENT AND EMPOWERMENT CENTRE NGO, Dr. Elizabeth Ngozi Praise and the NGO’s Lagos State Coordinator/South-West Regional Leader/CSO of the National Monitoring Team, Hon. Olabode Olatosin, thanked the bank for deeming them fit to partner with in the disbursement of the agricultural grant.


Dr. Praise made it clear that the NGO is the largest one in Nigeria with offices and workers in all the local governments of the country. She said that they are in contact with over 3 million farmers through their workers both in the urban and rural areas in the country. 


It is can be recalled that earlier in the year, SPARCO BANK signed a global strategic partnership and joint venture with AFRICUNIA BANK, combining AFRICUNIA BANK’s industry leading Financial, FinTech and next-generation technology services with SPARCO BANK’s world class strategy-led trade financing and sustainable investment banking network. This agreement ushered in $5billion grant for the development of agriculture.


Also, AFRICUNIA BANK had earlier signed a partnership agreement with another non-governmental organization, NEW DAWN HUMANITARIAN FOUNDATION, for the disbursement of the agricultural grant to farmers in Nigeria.

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