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  • Sunday, 02 October 2022


AFRICUNIA BANK a decentralized, distributed, adaptive, open socio-technical financial ecosystem known worldwide for working with various partners in numerous countries to promote sustainable development with special focus on financial empowerment, farming, healthcare, advancement of children, youth and women amongst other services, has signed a mutually beneficial partnership agreement with UKWUANI BU ANIEZE DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE ASSOCIATION, a non-governmental pan Ukwuani/Ndosumili group, to work together on AFRICUNIA BANK/SPARCO BANK AGRIC GRANT PROJECT which supports local farmers in Nigeria through training, seminars, education and micro/macro business empowerment


The agreement signing which took place on August 9, 2022 at the Nigeria’s headquarters of AFRICUNIA BANK in Yaba, Lagos made it the fourth one that AFRICUNIA BANK has gone into with non-government organizations to galvanize a seamless disbursement of the agricultural grant to farmers in every nook and cranny of Nigeria.


According to the terms of the partnership, AFRICUNIA BANK will economically empower UKWUANI BU ANIEZE DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE ASSOCIATION through sustainable grants and aiding its business proposals financially, take on various humanitarian projects and relief-oriented roles in Nigeria through the NGO, support local economic projects.


On the other hand, UKWUANI BU ANIEZE DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE ASSOCIATION, which was created to bring Ukwuani/Ndokwa sons and daughters both at home and diaspora to provide the enabling platform to identify problems with the aim to solve them through three cardinal approaches of intervention, enlightenment and advocacy, will promote and publicize the grant, as well as promote AFRICUNIA BANK and its sister subsidiaries across Nigeria, organize seminars and trainings across Nigeria and beyond, monitor and supervise grant recipients to ensure their businesses run smoothly.


Speaking after the agreement signing, the Executive Secretary of AFRICUNIA BANK, Mrs Madeleine Winkler, accentuated the urgency of intervention on the harrowing economic realities in African countries, especially in Nigeria by the bank, adding that whatever is done to improve the lives of Africans would go a long way in positively affecting the next generation.


“It is not an easy thing coming to Africa and I have the feeling that there are a lot of things we can do for Africa. I started with an NGO to improve the lives of Africans. If something is not done now, the next generation of Africa is gone. Africa is in danger if something is not done now because of the imminent food crises. AFRICUNIA BANK has partnered with a lot of NGOs on the AFRICUNIA BANK/SPARCO BANK Agric Grant Project because we need a lot of hands. We will put our hands on the technology aspect of the project and we expect you to put your own hands on the field that you know very well,” she said.


Responding to Mrs. Winkler, the President General of UKWUANI BU ANIEZE DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE ASSOCIATION, Mr. Gabriel Ntiejum and the Vice President, Engr. Dominic Olise Malagu, appreciated AFRICUNIA BANK for coming to African ‘to make a mark’ by implementing changes and improving the lives of Africans. They equally poured encomium on the management of the bank for granting them an opportunity to work with them and stressed on their state of preparedness to make the project a success.  


“UKWUANI BU ANIEZE DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE was established in 2015 in order to fill the gaps in the lives of Ukwuani people, make the politicians to be alive to their responsibilities, intervene and stand for our people and help them in socio-cultural activities like farming. We mobilize resources to help Ukwuani people to fare better in their lives. The NGO was established to address problems of Ukwuni people in all over the world. It is for Ukwuani ethnicity and friends,” Mr. Ntiejum said.


“The NGO is involved in intervention and advocacy for people of Ukwuani and friends. We have over 12,000 members and we have a proper structure on ground to reach out to them at the shortest notice and get answers from them on issues. We have zones in Nigeria and abroad. We have eight zones operating in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Warri and many cities in Delta and they all hold meetings regularly.


“Directives get to the regional coordinators from the national executive committee. The regional coordinators coordinate the zonal coordinators who are closer to the grassroots. The strategy to make the project a success will be facilitated by our structure. Seminars and trainings will be held to identify the problems of the masses and face hem headlong. Regular training and dissemination of information will be effected,” Engr. Malagu said.


It is can be recalled that SPARCO BANK signed a global strategic partnership and joint venture with AFRICUNIA BANK earlier in the year which brought about the $5billion grant for the development of agriculture.


AFRICUNIA BANK had earlier signed partnership agreements with three other non-governmental organizations, NEW DAWN HUMANITARIAN FOUNDATION, ISHIBA DEVELOPMENT AND EMPOWERMENT CENTRE NGO and WEALTHFIELD GROUP INTERNATIONAL.

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