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  • Wednesday, 27 October 2021


By Obinna Charles

Are you skeptical about handling deliveries once you register with VENDABUY online shopping mall? Here is good news for you! VENDABUY, a subsidiary E-Commerce platform from the AFRICUNIA ECOSYSTEM, has launched a new logistic app for Venda sellers and independent senders to handle and manage all their delivery accountability activities till the products get to their destination and profit is made.  



The VENDABUY POSTILITY app is a VENDABUY logistics and posting app for all VENDABUY sellers in and out of Nigeria. Sellers can now be in control of how and when to send their parcels to customers.  


Also, the POSTILITY app equally functions for independent logistics users. This means that even non-VENDABUY sellers can leverage this service and send any parcel across to customers, relatives, and colleagues.  


POSTILITY logistics app is built and designed to help monitor your parcel during transit till it gets to the location and it equally helps you monitor your:

  • Completed Deliveries
  • Pending Delivery
  • Total Collected
  • And Earnings  


In other words, using our POSTILITY app simply puts you in charge of your logistics activity, with no third-party logistics reliance. You create or schedule the time for delivery of a parcel to when you or the receiver is best ready for it.  



First and foremost, the POSTILITY app has no current rival when it comes to logistics functions. Why because the POSTILITY app designers are keener towards the guarantee of a seller or sender credibility towards the customer or receiver.  


This means that before a parcel is sent using POSTILITY Logistics:

  • Senders can take photos of the items before boxing.
  • Senders can also take and upload photos of the items after boxing
  • The POSTILITY Logistics equally takes confirmation photos of the boxed items before heading out for delivery.
  • Every image of the items is linked to the POSTILITY data storage for future references.  


This helps the public and VENDABUY sellers using the POSTILITY App to have concrete evidence of fulfilling their orders to the receiver. The receiver may now be sure of what’s inside the box before the parcel gets to his doorstep. And also the POSTILITY Admin may keep the images for one month which is the longest delivery time frame for all kinds of deliveries and locations.  


These images may be easily called upon for cases where the court or other law enforcement may require them if the receiver of the item decides to deny the delivery of the item or other issues about the credibility of the sender.  


POSTILITY Logistics protects your brand and its reputation by taking better stock of your deliveries and keeping in tune with your customer satisfaction policies.  



Our Logistics app is designed to provide an active and real-time distance and time calculation function for both sender and receiver. From the moment the item is released to the POSTILITY logistics team into transit, the POSTILITY Admin, the sender, and the receiver stay abreast of all its movement from place to place.  


You can now track your order as a sender or receiver and estimate what time it will get to your doorstep or receiver's address. The routes are laid bare before you on our app as the items move closer en route to their destination.  


Using the POSTILITY Logistics app is more affordable than most major logistics companies today and our mode of operation makes others look dull in comparison because we do not just deliver, WE DELIVER IT SECURED. POSTILITY logistics is your best option with every form of online business and parcel delivery.  



POSTILITY can be downloaded from the Playstore office into your android or tablet. Search for VENDABUY POSTILITY, install it into your phone then register for a new account. You can use the VENDABUY Postility app as a VENDABUY Merchant or individual merchant. You can also use the POSTILITY app to send parcels to move items from you to loved ones or family in another state.  


Here are some important steps

  • Register for a new POSTILITY account
  • After successful registration, a credential account will be created for those signing up to work as POSTILITY Agents ( Delivery Men)
  • As a seller, you can now easily use the POSTILITY App to hire POSTILITY Agents to deliver your products or parcels to friends, families, and customers.  


Sellers can now hire Delivery Agents to deliver their products while new POSTILITY Delivery Agents can now start picking up parcels on behalf of VENDABUY Management.  



POSTILITY App serves both sellers and eligible delivery agents ready to work as POSTILITY Agents. The term POSTILITY AGENTS means men and women ready to work as carriers for VENDABUY sellers and other senders.  


However, it is safe to assume that POSTILITY is best suitable for VENDABUY Merchants and Delivery Agents. For the delivery agents, their earnings linked to their daily successful deliveries are displayed on an Admin Panel dashboard on the POSTILITY App.  



The POSTILITY App is currently in need of more delivery agents for different routes and places. Eligible agents can easily register and start earning better commissions delivering parcels for VENDABUY Management and VENDABUY Sellers.  


For those willing to make extra passive income working for the POSTILITY team you may call the customer care number +2348176960676.

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