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  • Wednesday, 27 October 2021


By Obinna Charles


With the rise of the pandemic cutting across countries and regions, putting most civil workers away from their work, making the most of this season stands to be the best decision anyone can take right now. With several companies and organizations in and out of the country short of potential workers because of the Covid-19 structure, it's expedient for people who don’t have much commitment to volunteer for random tasks in these companies.  


Volunteering Services as we know may simply range from helping an elderly neighbor take his lawn to helping organizations connect deeper into your communities. The fact that most Volunteering activities may be informal and non-profit oriented still does not mean that one is at a total loss when they indulge themselves. Helping people they say is another means of helping oneself, so helping a trusted company create more awareness in our communities may play a huge role in boosting the effectiveness and reach of these companies which may increase the satisfactory rate of customers and equally help boost the economy.  


So yes, Volunteering Services are 90% Free! Still, the 10% may come back to benefit you later in one way or the other. So without taking much of your precious time we would be discussing some organizations you can sign up and volunteer with.  



The United Nations Volunteers program is an ongoing program founded in which accepts volunteers from most parts of the world ready to effect the very change they wish to see in their communities in terms of eradicating poverty, control of covid 19 spread and spread of vaccines, and sustainable developments. It’s a platform that calls on anyone ready to volunteer from anywhere.  


Anyone wishing to join the fight against the pandemic and other life-threatening scenarios going around the UN political zones may log on to their website at www.unv.org and hit the “Become a UN Volunteer” button at the bottom of the menu.  


Joining the United Nations Volunteers program helps promote humanity and individual efforts are given back to society and the entire world.  


Some of the Volunteering campaigns you can join with UNV are:

  • Development programs
  • Health innovation programs
  • Peacekeeping operations  


The Covid 19 Spread brings the table leaning more towards the need to get as many vaccinated, equipped, and educated on how best to control the spread of Covid 19. Are you willing to be a part of something real and good? Are you looking forward to joining a course? Log on to the UNV Portal and register as a volunteer worker.  



VENDABUY is a global eCommerce Online Buying and Selling platform that supports several countries from Africa, Europe, and Asia. It’s a platform where merchants can create personalized online stores where they sell their products to anyone globally. VENDABUY is currently integrating the use of delivery agents and marketing teams, as a new company that is set to bring the market to everyone’s fingertips the need to create awareness is their top priority.  


That is why it comes as another better means of volunteering service for anyone ready to register and join the train. VENDABUY seeks to hire more marketers to bring VENDABUY’s online presence down to hoods, communities, states, and countries.  


Marketers can now volunteer to work remotely using their social media handles to reach thousands of willing buyers in their countries. This opportunity is better complemented by active social media users who may choose to market VENDABUY products on their private pages online.  



VENDABUY is an online buying and selling platform that cuts across several countries with five main operating languages in their website. The eligibility to volunteer with them is as follows:

  • Applicants must be fluent in one of the three operating languages; English, Bangla, and Arabic
  • Applicants must ensure that his or country of residence is among the eligible countries allowed in VENDABUY, for cases where they wish to use your online influence? Then there may be no restrictions on locations
  • Applicants must be ready to market and equally, give their time and efforts. They should equally be ready to go through training and may equally be ready to make a few commissions from the VENDABUY Affiliate program.  


Anyone that meets the above-listed options can easily send a mail to VENDABUY online support at info@vendabuy.com  


You may also make it official and sign up as a VENDABUY POSTILITY Agents ready to pick up parcels and deliver for sellers on VENDABUY.  


VENDABUY is also ready for profitable partnerships with anyone ready to come on board and invest their time and resources for its market innovation and advancement.  



Here are Five Benefits of Volunteering Services

  • Community development and meeting new people
  • Gaining a knowledgeable understanding of the market and other spheres of life
  • Boosting Skill and Self Esteem
  • Career advancement with Potential Job Prospects
  • Increased Brain Functionality and productivity  


You understand now that helping an organization or company grow their business or achieve their goals may not necessarily be a vain move for you as you may likely gain more than the free services you give. So quickly pick from any of the above-listed organizations or companies and start volunteering!

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